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Martin Stott

18th February 2010

Martin Stott (Head of Environment and Resources at Warwickshire County Council) has been involved in many different green initiatives over the years, as well as being an author, report writer, gardener and much more.

This wide range of interests has resulted in bits and bobs of info on him dotted about the internet, but leaving him with the distinct feeling he was not in control of any of it. He commissioned us to develop to be a clear, easy to use, definitive source of information on his work, writings and interests.

I have found Lumpy Lemon to be quick, intuitive, flexible and able to understand the place that I wanted to be in without needing a lot of detailed guidance. The results were all I could hope for because of this ability to listen and translate my ideas into something both attractive and practical. I’m delighted with the design: on a website keeping things simple is clearly what users want. Feedback has been enormously positive.

Barefoot Barn

9th December 2009

If you turn up at Barefoot Barn in Chagford at any time, chances are there’ll be a bunch of people – of every age – stretching, dancing, meditating, singing, yoga-ing, or just relaxing and taking in the amazing view across Dartmoor.

The Barn did have a website, but it needed freshening up and most importantly the owner, Roger (who by his own admission is far from computer-savvy), wanted to be able to update it himself. So we installed WordPress, wrote some custom plugins that allow him to easily add weekly classes and events to the busy programme, as well as editing pages, and customised the administration interface to be as clean and simple to use as possible. We used browns and greens in the design to reflect the natural, woody feel of the barn and surroundings and its strong environmental principles.

We provided a training session in Roger’s office with a refresher follow-up a month later, and now he’s happily writing and uploading like a pro!

Here’s what Roger has to say about his new website:

Lumpy Lemon have done an amazing job of transforming my website from a simple, plain, barebones site into a wonderfully colourful, easy-to-use and navigate piece of art.

The beauty of it, for a non-tech guy like myself, is that I can add, delete and make changes to any picture or information that I wish.

Simon patiently guided me through the process of learning how to work the site by myself, and was on the phone ready and willing to respond to all my questions.

I’d highly recommend Lumpy Lemon for a website that is clear, attractive and, most of all, once it’s set up, you can manage it yourself!

Trulli Beautiful

19th November 2009

We normally write our blog posts ourselves, but on this occasion we think Claire and Andy of Rustic Puglia have done our job for us!

Lumpy Lemon first designed a website for Rustic Puglia in 2007 while the renovation of our property was still underway, before we’d moved to Italy. We’d written a lot of the text and had some ideas about the pages we wanted. Our brief was to create the site around this, to include a booking mechanism, and to reflect the feel of the place in the design. The first website they created was exactly what we were looking for: simple to use, easy to update, and the ability to add or delete pages as we refined the content.

Simon provided detailed instructions on how to use the site and was always available to answer questions. He was also proactive in suggesting ideas on how to ensure we would get picked up by search engines, as well as making sure that the ‘back-end’ stuff was always up-to-date. In mid-2009 we discussed the idea of refreshing the site now that we were in business, were confident with the product we were selling and had some great photos to show off. Again, we worked together on the design and structure, and we were not so much consulted with as empowered to feel that we were making all the decisions. We are thrilled with the end result – it has taken us to the next level and we think it’s a great reflection of Rustic Puglia.

Our first Arabic website

21st May 2009

Since we first developed a website for Crisis Action when their organisation was launched in 2005, we have continually worked with them to gradually expand it as their organisation grew.

Initially just in English, then with French and German language versions added as they opened offices across Europe, we recently worked together with their new Cairo office to develop the Arabic version.

Gemma Mortensen, the executive director, said:

Lumpy Lemon have provided Crisis Action with websites in many different languages, including our most recent addition in Arabic for our Cairo office. They ensured our specifications were met and exceeded our expectations, delivering websites that are easily accessible and intuitive to use. Lumpy Lemon are extremely professional and offer an excellent standard of customer care. We recommend Lumpy Lemon without reservation.

We’ve moved to Devon!

30th April 2009

After six lovely years in Oxford, we recently decided it was time for a change, we felt the countryside calling, and now suddenly here we are! We’ve come to live and work in the big village/small town of Chagford in the Dartmoor National Park in Devon.

Why Chagford? Well, it would be a lie to say that clotted cream teas didn’t play a part in our decision… but artery-clogging dairy products aside, we’ve come for the moors, the forests, the sea, clean air, a slower pace of life, friends-who-are and friends-to-be, exciting new work and getting involved in some of the many interesting projects going on around here.

Barcelona Business Lunch Photography

25th March 2009

photography for the barcelona business lunch

Ishka’s been busy with her camera in Barcelona, both for business and for pleasure.

You can see the latest photos she was invited to take for the Barcelona Business lunch on our portfolio and on the Business Lunch website.

New website for Oxford Private Care

5th February 2009

Oxford Private Care website home page Oxford Private Care website

Oxford Private Care is a well-respected and fast-growing local provider of care services for individuals and local authorities, employing over 130 staff.

They needed a website to advertise their services and job vacancies and approached Lumpy Lemon after considering building it themselves, but quickly realising this was nowhere near as easy as it might at first sound!

They now have the benefits of an accessible, well-designed website that can grow with their business. Using our Content Management System (CMS) they can assign staff to easily and quickly update the website pages and add new job vacancies and customer testimonials. No technical knowledge is needed because the CMS handles all presentation of the content, so all the staff have to worry about is writing the text, thereby saving huge amounts of time and training costs.

You can see the new website at It is designed to complement their existing company branding and features:

  • dynamic content such as job vacancies and customer testimonials
  • text-only version and other accessibility features
  • ‘send to a friend’ feature
  • printer-friendly version to save on expensive printer ink.

The initial phase of design, development and staff training is now complete. Lumpy Lemon will provide ongoing consultancy services such as:

  • a comprehensive three-month review
  • ‘SEO’ advice on achieving high results in search engines (such as Google)
  • further development of the site as Oxford Private Care expands into other regions

Welcome to our new website

9th January 2009

We’ve decided to celebrate the new year by launching a new Lumpy Lemon website. It’s taken us a bit longer than planned, what with all those demanding customers keeping us away from it…!

Over time we’ll be adding more work to the portfolio, so keep an eye on it to see our latest designs.

We’ll do our best to be strict with ourselves and write articles for the blog on a regular(ish) basis, covering topics such as important news and events, interviews with our customers, new products and services, latest commissions and designs, as well as some other less business-y stuff we think you might be interested in.

If you have any comments or questions, please get in touch any time.

(By the way, this website is built with exactly the same Content Management System – CMS for short – that we use for all our customers’ websites. For the more nerdy-minded among you, it uses the fantastic open source WordPress platform, with a number of plugins we have developed ourselves to turn it into a powerful, easy-to-use and very expandable CMS).