Over the years I’ve learnt that the key to successful long-term working relationships is transparency and honest communication. This includes being open about my rates, what your project will cost, and your budgets. The aim of this page is to help you set your budgets and decide if you’d like to work with me.

Standard project rates

My day rate for a seven-hour day is £385 to £455. That’s an equivalent hourly rate of £55 to £65. These rates are charged for projects that last at least one full day.

It’s unusual for me to work on projects shorter than 4-5 days or with a budget of less than about £2,000. If you’re looking for a quick website for a few hundred pounds, I am probably not the person for you. There are however lots of great companies out there who provide off-the-shelf WordPress websites for that kind of budget. My work tends to focus on long-term projects involving custom development, design, and problem-solving.

What about VAT?

I am not VAT-registered, so these are the prices you pay.

If that all sounds good to you and you think that my experience, skills and charges fit your project and budget, get in touch so we can chat about working together!

If you need a bit more information to help you decide, please continue reading.

Blimey, that sounds like a lot!

It’s true, I’m not cheap, but my rates are based on the market average for experienced freelance WordPress developers. I’ve been working with WordPress for over 15 years and I know it inside out. I write high quality, future-proof code, so you won’t be paying to redo my work in a few months. And if you were to engage an agency, you’d without doubt be paying significantly more (I don’t have to pay rent on a fancy Shoreditch office!).

I have built up a huge wealth of experience of understanding what different organisations need, how to communicate, manage projects and work efficiently, and above all how to translate your ideas into a successful website. This not only saves you time and money in the long run, it also means your website will meet your needs and bring a return on your investment.

What about the range – who gets what rate?

I work with everyone from charities and businesses here in Devon, right through to global NGOs and eCommerce companies, public sector organisations and WordPress agencies. Each has their own budget, funding, requirements, size of project, etc. The majority of projects I work on are at the mid-way rate of £60ph, but by having some flexibility in my pricing, I hope to be able to fit with your organisation’s circumstances and needs.

I always aim to deliver extremely good value, by keeping my costs low and working productively and efficiently. This way I deliver work that enables you to meet your goals, within budget and on time.

We may not be the right fit for each other!

If your needs and what I provide – and charge – don’t match, then it’s good to be honest from the outset and we’ll agree that you may be better off working with someone else. For example:

  • There are cheaper developers out there. This is very true, and many of them are very good. If your budget is lower and you have found one you trust, go for it! But if price is not the main factor for you, then consider my skills, experience, conscientiousness, attention to detail, values and ethics, and my working style – all the things you may not get for a significantly lower rate.
  • Your project may not be right for me. I will never take on a project that I think is not going to succeed (in terms of meeting your goals or returning your investment), or if I disagree with the project’s or your organisation’s ethics. In other cases it may simply be out of my skillset so I will recommend someone else who can do a much better job. Essentially I will be honest with you so you are not wasting your money.
  • Your expectations might be too high. The internet has created a culture of expecting everything to be cheap/free and instant. This may be the case for some products, but not for high quality design and development skills and experience. If your budget looks unrealistic to me, I will explain why, and you can decide whether to rethink or work with someone else.

What’s the difference between an estimate and a quote?

I have found there is a lot of confusion about these two terms, and they are sometimes misused by developers or misunderstood by clients.


Sometimes I provide a quote, which is a fixed price for your project based on the information you have provided. If your requirements don’t change, the final price you pay won’t change either. You know what you are getting and how much it will cost, and I know what you need and how much time I will be spending on it.

This is usually the case for larger projects where the requirements are well-defined.


Sometimes I will instead provide an estimate, often in the form of a range. This is my best guess, based on my experience and knowledge, of how much work will be involved. I will always do my best to deliver the work within the estimate, but it’s not guaranteed.

I usually provide estimates in the following circumstances:

  • Any project where the requirements are not yet clear, so a period of ‘discovery’ is required before the final requirements are finalised.
  • When I am engaged as a consultant to help you find the answer to a problem.
  • Migrations. These are notorious for the number of ‘unknown unknowns’, so estimates that involve migrations are usually open-ended or within a wide range.
  • Developing with third-party APIs. A common example would be sending data to or pulling data from a CRM. Anything that involves two (or more) different systems talking to each other is inevitably more complex with more dependencies involved.
  • Taking on a project that has been developed or started by someone else.
  • Working with technologies/ideas that I am not so familiar with.

How about a monthly retainer?

If you require regular ongoing work and want to guarantee my availability for a minimum of half a day per month, this can be a good way to ensure that I have short notice availability for your project. It doesn’t suit every client or all types of work, so contact me and we can discuss.


I always aim to deliver the highest possible value to you by using my extensive skills and experience, and to be open and honest about my work, the costs, and what is involved.

I hope that after reading this far you would like to consider working with me – in which case please get in touch and let’s talk!

Interested in working together?

I’d love to hear about your project and find out if we’re a good fit. You can call me on 0779 629 2129, email me at, or use the form to send a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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