Hello, we’re Lumpy Lemon. To you, Simon and Paul. We love your messy ideas, your overflowing content and your crazy goals. We turn them into beautifully intuitive websites, structured data, and gorgeous print.

We make WordPress look great and do things that you probably won’t believe possible. No really. You should read this case study to see what we mean!

We take care of hosting and maintaining your website on blindingly fast, reliable and secure servers. Your visitors will love you and you’ll sleep soundly at night.

We design print projects, from annual reports and advertising, to books, business cards and brand. All your creative assets produced by the same careful hands.

We work with growing organisations, not-for-profits and healthcare. We’re friendly, straightforward, and promise to listen to you very, very carefully.

Case studies

Rebuilding Supporter Systems

Years-old, highly fragmented data, causing inefficiency and uncertainty: A common problem for third sector organisations with strict budgets. Network for Animals wanted to do better and approached Lumpy Lemon with an exciting project: Rebuild their entire online and postal supporter system.

Designing For Growth

Lumpy Lemon built, host and maintain Moor Meadows’ website to be fast and intuitive in challenging conditions, simple to update, and extremely reliable. It’s now Moor Meadows’ key source of growth, and is an inspiration to ecological groups across the UK.

Strategic Rebranding

The quality of LS Jewellery’s work was renowned within local industry, but repairing for trade rather than public customers meant missing profits. Lumpy Lemon’s rebranding and redesign changed everything.

Long Term Collaboration

Back in 2004 Crisis Action wanted a web agency that they could grow with. Experts to take all the digital burden from their shoulders. A team who could match their flexibility, responsiveness and collaborative approach. Fifteen years on, we’re delighted to keep meeting their needs.

Meet the team

Simon Blackbourn

Simon Blackbourn

Full stack web developer
Fourteen years’ WordPress experience
Tea & biscuit enthusiast

Paul Galinsky

Paul Galinsky

Print design and web strategy
Fifteen years supporting third sector
Cake & coffee botherer

Flexible. Like Stretch Armstrong.

Pair us with your favourite branding agency. Integrate us into your existing team. Beat your deadline. We love collaborating with talented people, and when your project requires a specific skill, we’ll happily make recommendations too.

Your website, our careful hands

Our all-in-one managed WordPress hosting and maintenance service frees you of all technical burden. No more worries about servers, backups, security updates, downtime, or domain name renewals. Our clients aren't just delighted about our hosting service, most of them forget they even use it.

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Who we work with

Joju Solar
Woodcraft Folk
Network for Animals
Crisis Action
Moor Meadows

Contact us

Our clients usually budget around £500 per print project, and a new website typically costs between £5,000 and £30,000. We’d love to talk with you about your ideas on 07786 163 274, at hello@lumpylemon.co.uk, or here:

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